About C.I.T Ltd.

C.I.T. Ltd., Controlled Irrigation Technologies, is a research and development company and its present major objective is to bring about a substantial increase in irrigation efficiency both in the agricultural sector as well as in the urban sectors. The basic approach to achieve this important objective is by developing innovative control principles with feedback that would result in an autonomous, learning control system.
We are located in a township called Tivon, near Haifa, Israel

Professor Bejamin Zur is founder, president and major stock holder of C.I.T – Controlled Irrigation Technolgy.

Benjamin Zur is retired professor from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and acted as dean of the faculty of Agriculture Engineering during the years 1982-1986.

Professor Zur is a world renowned teacher, researcher and inventor in the fields of soil physics, plant soil water relations and irrigation science. The efficient use of water in agriculture, urban and landscape irrigation is a major objective of his company, C.I.T.


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