Typical data collected from an irrigated field using the IrriSave™ system

Avocado orchard Yechiam:

mini sprinkler irrigation 1

Deeper layers only.

mini sprinkler irrigation 2


Each of the nine sensors responds to the irrigation events by a decrase in its mesured resistence. Following irrigation the resistence of each sensor would increase in proportion to the decrease in the soil water content resulting from drainage or root extraction. The fast increase in resistance of the top sensors is in response to water extraction by active roots.
The lack of response of the lowest sensors indicates that no active roots are present in these soil layers.
No doubt irrigation amounts are excessive as indicated by the fact that even the deepest sensor, 52 cm, responds in a short time to the irrigation event. The drainage process following irrigation would wet deeper soil layers as well. active root zone based on sensor response is within the 4 to 34 cm depths.

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