Economics of water saving using our IrriSave™ Control System

The following are two realistic examples from our own field experience on the economics of saving water by using our irrigation controller.

In an avocado grove in western galill we have demonstrated seasonal average water saving of 35 percent. Farmers in the region apply an annual amount of 9000 cubic meters per hectare. A saving of about a third of this amount comes up to 3000 cubic meters per hectare. The area covered by our irrigation controller was two hectares. Thus, our controller saved 6000 cubic meters of irrigation water. The present price of water to the farmer is 0.38 dollars per cubic meter of water and thus the value of the water saves was (0.38x6000) 2280 dollars per season.

For a home lawn, 0.1 hectare in area, the seasonal (8-9 months) amount of applied water is 1000 cubic meters. A 50 percent saving as a result of using our basic urban irrigation control unit, with one solenoid valve, is five hundrands cubic meters of water per season. The price of water in urban communities in Israel is presently 1.4 dollars per cubic meter. Thus, the money value of the amount of water saved is 700 dollars. The same basic urban controller can actuate up to six solenoid valves and control considerably larger irrigated areas.
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